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Created by Rebecca Dixon

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BELGIQUE / BELGIUM - Main cities

An urban view of Belgium (photosphere free). 60 urban locations from each 30 main "communes". Play other maps on my profile

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Created by Werdok

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Don't move!

1000+ worldwide locations, all handpicked. Best played with no moving.

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Created by Autoffocus

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World Sports Venues

5914 Hand-picked sports-related venues around the globe. From the famous football stadiums to small amateur teams, including Formula 1 tracks, ski jumping stadiums, golf courses, tennis courts and so on. Find your way through the World of Sports.

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Created by Mister Blue

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The World of Texas

Texas is a very big place with more things to see than I can possibly include here. Locations are hand-picked, mostly based on my own travels. Let me know of interesting places you would like to see included.

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Created by Freeedr2

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A Guessable World

(10k+ handpicked locations) World map with diverse distribution. No blurry points. No points on long straight sections without mapped landmarks. Mix of urban, suburban, rural.

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Created by fizzix_is_fun

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World Capitals

Embark on a journey to explore the World's Capitals. (also including places that might be considered 'overseas territories' or similar, hand-picked locations, no photospheres, daily updates)

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Created by Vedl

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A Wide World

Ever wanted a map with snowy roads, large varieties of plains, deserted areas across the globe, or even just want something new? This is the place for you! No photospheres/unofficial coverage. 7K+ locations! 90+ different countries included!

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Created by Swindles

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Places that look like the moon.

In celebration of the 1969 moon landing, this is a collection of locations that look like the moon. This is probably a really hard map, sorry. (Not sorry).

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Created by Smoothj

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Japan • 日本

Almost 30'000 different locations all over Japan. No Photospheres (hopefully).

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Created by Ustatsch

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Suburb of Kew, Melbourne

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Created by Kappa

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