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Capitals are almost rare. You know not like a rare rare .They look like its easy to travel too. But it takes long. So Have A N1ce day! And Good Luck!+ (they are not just capitals of countries)

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Really Dangerous Streets all over the world

PLEASE LIKE! :) Jk. only if you want to. LOL! Laugh out loud. Jk. Just kiddin. My.... REAL NAME IS. Marco lansa. Howdy! Anybody got minecraft Pc? Ill join ya server. Thank you! Bye! Ill make anybody a house. i like building. Im 23 years old.

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Haha you thought. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. So theres one island. Its simple. You just need to think a little. Like James Bond. He's smart he always thinks of something. Then he pops up in the right spot. Just like he thinked of.Bye.

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Los Estados Unidos/United States Of America.

Discover the beautiful landscapes of the continent USA with its wonders of all of its famous places and parks such as: Disneyland,Legoland,Statue Of Liberty,Space Needle and on Canada's and USA'S side is the beautiful Niagara Falls.Good luck!3:D

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Poland is not as unique as Germany but you can tell me by posting maps and by friending me too! C ya!:)

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Germany I know it might be better than Romania and the Poland maps I made but I try my hardest! Hope you enjoy the maps I constantly make! (There might be some famous places in this map so good luck!:)

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Don't worry about getting one of the easiest maps wrong. Its so easy. (sarcasism). Creators: Stig, JHZER, Leppy, Jacob, Jakub,. Publishers: Leppy, Stig, Mkae(me), JHZER. Have a good one!:)

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