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SwedIsh cities

Explore the beautiful cities in Sweden! This includes all the major cities between Trelleborg in the south, to Kiruna in the north. It's a very big variety of cities!

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Within the arctic circle

If you're looking for a big challenge, you've came to the right place! The arctic area within the arctic circle is one of the least densely inhabited areas on earth, so it's extremely difficult. It is Swe, Nor, Fin, USA, Can, Rus and Greenland (Den).

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Swedish mountains

The swedish mountains may not be as high as the Alps or the Himalayas, but they are certainly beautiful! The mountains stretches along the Norwegian border and starts by the ski resort of Sälen. The highest mountain is Kebnekaise and is about 2100m.

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Capital cities Europe

The best way of visiting Europe is probably by visiting each capital city in every country, and with more than 40 countries, there are a lot to discover!

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Swedish norrland

Norrland is a geographic area in northern Sweden which covers 60% of Sweden's total land area. Still it has only a po**tion of 1,165,961 inhabitants, which is only 12% of the entire country's po**tion. Therefore, it's very much wilderness.

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