Maps by Bertram Wooster

Experiment in Precision

Everything here is really close together-- I just want to see how close you have to be to get 5000 when all of the locations are close together.

  • 84
  • 15

Latitude 38

Just as it says! Difficult, but maybe less so once you come up with the pretty obvious trick.

  • 18
  • 96


Yep, it's all places in the Gem State. Yes, Idaho is the Gem State. Wikipedia says so.

  • 114
  • 30

Los Angeles

A big mix of famous and really, really unfamous places in the Southland. Some easy, some not.

  • 1 346
  • 92

Unscenic California

Less pretty places in the Golden State. If your town is here, don't be offended... sorry... it's also more challenging.

  • 25
  • 35

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