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Embark on a journey that takes you all over the world. From the most desolate roads in Australia to the busy, bustling streets of New York City.

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Embark on a journey that takes you all over the world. From the most desolate roads in Australia to the busy, bustling streets of New York City.

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Famous Places

Spectacular natural wonders and astonishing man-made structures. The list of great landmarks are often limited to seven, but the world is filled with wonders. How many can you recognize?

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United States

Experience the sensation of being a modern day Columbus as you travel across the vast spaces of the land of the free and home of the brave. From the hot deserts of the south to the great forests of the north, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 50 states of challenging locations awaits you!

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European Union

One Union, 28 countries, 500 million inhabitants: how well do you know your EU? From the emerald isle to the Black Sea, from the land of a thousand lakes to the jewel of the Mediterranean, challenge yourself and your friends to expand your horizons and further discover the beauty of Europe.

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United Kingdom

The British Isles have been inhabited for over 30,000 years and been involved in everything from the Roman conquest to the British Invasion. It's also the poster child of fish'n chips, pubs and the weather condition commonly known as rain. God Save the Queen!

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Popular maps

A Diverse World

Rediscover the World with this updated map! Features better diversity, more countries, no blurry pictures or photosphere! 14.000+ hand-picked locations. v3.0 progress: 23.56%. Please read for more detail: | v2.5b16 • 2019/08/05

Updated 3 weeks ago


Created by Mapper

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An Urban World

Explore the cities of the World! 2600+ locations in more than 600 cities from all the continents are currently available. Each city included in the map has multiple starting locations, and there is no blurry picture or photosphere. | 1.7 • 2019/07/19

Updated 2 weeks ago


Created by Mapper

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GeoBettr World - Replayable

Ever wanted Geoguessr but without miles of deserted roads in Southwest USA, Russia, and Brazil? Well then this is your game! GeoBettr puts you in thousands of hand-picked information-dense areas around the world!

Updated 09/01/2019


Created by Gnusieshaboozie

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New maps

A Diverse USA

A map including all 50 states (and DC) with the same number of hand-picked locations for each state, and no photospheres. Over 3,000 locations and growing with no blurry spots! Map will continue to be updated.

Updated 11 minutes ago


Created by DasSchnootz

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Fitchburg - My Home

Explore some of the locations from my childhood. Some locations are in Leominster. The map wouldn't let me put my childhood home on :(. If you want to see it on google maps, the address is 75 Rainville ave. :) Replay the map for more spots!

Updated 46 minutes ago


Created by Robert McCarthy

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